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No matter the ultimate reason a family chooses a particular home or area to live in, the safety of the family will always be a main concern.  Safety can be broken down into two different categories.  Firstly, a family may consider, ‘what is in my family’s best interests mentally and emotionally?’  Secondly, they may ask ‘how can I keep my family safe and secure in their home environment?’

The safety and security of a property also involves many factors.  Not only do you need to consider the safety in terms of electrical and gas safety checks, structural checks and so forth, you also want to think about the security needs within the neighbourhood, and in light of the security you require for your possessions.  Not only that, but each family’s designated decision maker, such as the parents, must consider the individual members of each family. 


For example, if you have young children, the way you deal with your electrical safety will differ to when you have older children, or other adults living with you.  Likewise, security measures will differ depending on the family dynamics.  In fact, the needs of the families emotional and mental wellbeing also depend on the choice of security you have in place.

So, with that in mind, what home security advice can we offer you?  Here at Brinnick Locksmiths, we offer the homeowner so much more than just locksmithing.  Before we explore the home security equipment we have available, let’s look at some things you can first check when it comes to home security.

Home Security Tips

  1. What is the condition of the windows and doors like on the property?  If they are older, then signs of wear may be visible.  What is the condition of the individual locks?  Are all of the keys needed to open and lock them still available and in good working order?
  2. Check other access routes that you may not have taken into consideration.  Areas such as rooftops, fire escapes and built on garages may have an area of weakness that may not have previously been considered.
  3. What about out buildings, such as sheds and summerhouses?  Do they have adequate security measures in place to deter a person from accessing any of your property, even if nothing of real worth is within them?

In all of these areas, and more, Brinnick Locksmiths can offer help and solutions.

How can we help you in keeping your home safe?

We can provide any of your main doors and your UPVC windows, including sliding patio doors and French doors, with locking mechanisms to keep all of the access points in your home safe.  The choice of locks can depend on the area of the home they are for.  For example, you will no doubt want to ensure the locks are secure not only to prevent intruders from coming in, but to prevent anyone vulnerable from falling at height and seriously hurting themselves.

We also provide home security cameras along with a full CCTV system installation service.  When intruders recognise that you have a good view of your grounds, this will ultimately deter them from trying your locks in the first place.  This is ideal for the weaker areas of your premises, such as along roof tops, or down a tight alleyway.  We also provide homeowners with access control, which can even keep a person locked out at a security gate until someone in authority permits access.  Intruder alarms can be fitted for if and when an unauthorised person does manage to gain access to any of your premises.

So, to ask us about a CCTV security system, new locks for your windows and doors, door controls and limiting access with digital code locks and other equipment contact Brinnick Locksmiths today.

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