Mechanical Door Locks

Mechanical and Electronic Digital Door Locks

Modern businesses and other organizations demand modern solutions when it comes to building security.  Many properties such as offices, commercial premises and schools require stringent security measures, but due to the high numbers of people entering and exiting such buildings at all hours, traditional mortice lock doors are simply not an option.

For such applications, available types of door locks include:

  • Mechanical Door Locks
  • Electronic Digital Door Locks
  • Swipe Card Door Locks
  • Biometric Door Locks

Of these, mechanical and electronic digital door locks are the most common type found on most modern buildings as they offer a high level of security without the inconvenience of storing personal or key card data for every individual who may visit the premises.  Especially when combined with keyless gate locks Milton Keynes organizations have found digital door locks to be adequate for all but the most sensitive areas.

If access to a door is to be limited to a finite number of people – say, the employees of a firm – then by fitting a swipe card door lock Milton Keynes companies can further control access to their site.  More information on swipe card door locks can be found here.

Digital code locks are so convenient because they use a numerical access code which is punched into a keypad to gain access.  The code can be shared with any authorized personnel, so cutting extra keys is not necessary, no matter how many people need to use the door during the course of a day.  Forgotten keys are also a thing of the past!  Should the access number be revealed, most of these mechanical door locks are easy to recode for the protection of all personnel.

Borg Digital Door Locks

The wide range of locks from Borg Locks provide economical access control for a variety of light to heavy traffic areas such as storerooms, cupboards, and office doors, and with prices starting from £49.00 you can secure your property but still provide easy access at a reasonable cost.

Other Brands of Digital Door Lock Milton Keynes

Digital door locks from Kaba Unican, Lockwood, and Lockey provide a medium duty range of locks for both commercial and industrial applications. Our heavy duty digital locks are from the Kaba Unican range of outstanding quality locks which are suitable for both internal and external use in high traffic areas such as main entrance doors.

If you are in any doubt and you require assistance in choosing the correct digital door lock for your particular application please call 01908 617575 or contact us online for help and advice from one of our locksmiths.

See below for the full range of quality Borg digital door locks Milton Keynes which are always in stock., Codelock, Borg Locks, Asec Digital Lock, Unican, Simplex, Lockwood, Lockey,

Paxton Compact Easyprox
Image 1

  Battery powered keypad
Amazingly easy to install
Anti-shim plunger to prevent forced entry
Up to 50 codes
4 to 8 digit codes
Card plus PIN or code
Battery life up to five years. Spare battery packs available
Low battery warning

About - Easyprox compact keypad is an all-in-one battery powered lock and access control system that is ideal for internal doors. Installing the system is easy because it''s not wired into a mains power source. This keypad may also be used with proximity tokens to allow token plus code or PIN.

Borg 1000 Series Digital Codelock

1000 Series digital camlock


  • 1000 Combinations
  • Replaces any 3/4 " keyed cam lock
  • Easy to recode
  • Cam can be set to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise
  • Metal-chrome finish
  • No need to hassle with keys
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase
  • Includes 1/2" and 1-1/4" straight cam, 90-degree stop cam and 3/4"wood sprung washer.

BL 1000 Series Product Leaflet

The BL1000 series is a simple and cheap way to keep low security situations secure without the compliation of keys,available in three different sizes the combination cam lock can suit up to thicknesses of 29mm.With 1000 combinations and possible to replace any 3/4" keyed cam lock it is the perfect application for lockers, medical cabinets, wardrobe doors, keysafes and drawers.

  • Lockers
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • Wardrobe Doors
  • Drawers
  • Key Cabinets

Combination cam lock (BL 1000)

In Chrome
Average Review: Average Review: 4
£14.50 + VAT


Combination cam lock (BL 1100)

In Chrome
 £14.50 + VAT

Borg 2000 Series digital Codelock


Borg 2000 Series Digital Codelock

Borg 2000 Features

  • New design, makes recoding simple & error-free
  • 60mm latch (50 & 70mm available)
  • 50,000 cycle test
  • Optional holdback (2201)
  • Early clear plate
  • Non-handed
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase
  • Over 8000 combinations
  • Standard fixings suit doors up to 54mm 
    (XL fixings available)
  • Back to back keypads available (BL 2021)

BL 2000 Series Product Leaflet

The BL2000 series is a range of fully mechanical pushbutton coded locks. The ergonomic design and simple operating procedure ensures access for authorised personnel only.Automatic locking until correct code is entered, anti-thrust latch plus over 8,000 different combinations to choose from provide greater security.

Easy to fit, (can be supplied with fittings to suit doors up to 80mm thick) and with all parts and fittings included it is ideal for low usage applications. See application guide.

All the internal components are chemically treated for extra strength and durability, which is something other manufacturers neglect. It also makes it suitable for fitment in many locations without maintenance.


Keypad, Inside Handle (Holdback), 60mm Latch (BL 2201)

60mm latch
Average Review: Average Review: 5
From £49.00 + VAT

Keypad, Key Overide, Inside Handle (Holdback), 28mm Backset Aluminium Latch (BL 2702)

28mm backset aluminium latch, complete with 2700 keypad and inside handle (Holdback) also having the added advantage of key override.
Average Review: Average Review: 5
£95.00 + VAT


Keypad, Inside Handle (Non-Holdback), 60mm Latch (BL 2001)

60mm latch
Average Review: Average Review: 5
From £49.00 + VAT

Borg 3000 Series Digital Codelock for Gates

3000 Series Borg Digital Codelock For Gates


  • To suit gate profiles up to 60mm
  • Anti-climb housing
  • Easily reversible
  • Simple Installation, two telescopic fixings
  • Marine grade quality keypads, which are salt water tested
  • 14 digit keypad
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase
  • Sprung loaded latch;adjustable between 65-80mm
  • Security fixings
  • 20mmm bolt withdrawal

BL 3000 Series Product Leaflet

The Gatelock is another new and unique product from borg which combines two marine grade

keypads (Back to Back), with a special lockcase with anti ligature features and an adjustable latch bolt, designed to fit metal gates of various sizes and types.

This self locking system is designed to be adjustable as possible, being fully reversible, makes it suitable for left or right handed gates. Using the two telescopic fixing screws supplied, makes the gatelock simple to fit to most gates

The two keypads are preset to the same code, but can be simply and easily changed to different and seperate combinations as many times as required.

Metal Gate Lock With Keypad Both Sides (Lever Knob) (BL 3130)

finished in Black + adjustable sprung latch 65-80mm
Average Review: Average Review: 4
£168.00 + VAT



Metal Gate Lock With Keypad Both Sides (Lever knob) With Key Override (BL 3130 KO)

Finished in Black + adjustble sprung latch 65 - 80mm
Average Review: Average Review: 5
£198.00 + VAT



Metal Gate Lock With Keypad One Side, Plain Inside handle (BL 3100)

Keypad and inside handle in a powder coated finish + adjustable sprung latch 65-80mm.
Average Review: Average Review: 5
£140.00 + VAT

Borg 4000 Series Digital Codelock

4000 Series Borg Digital Codelock


  • New design, makes recoding simple & error-free
  • DDA Compatible
  • 12 Digit keypad
  • Full size lever handles
  • Clutched keypad handle
  • Fully reversible
  • Free access feature
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase
  • Special plate for bolt through fixing
  • PVD coated - Lifetime guarantee on finish
  • Compatible with 2000 series fixing points, ideal for upgrade

BL 4000 Series Product Leaflet

The 4000 series are medium duty mechanical access controls, they have exactly the same fixing centres as 2000 models which make them ideal for `upgrade`, simply remove 2 screws and replace with the 4000 model. Apart from a full size lever handle the 4000 has a host of extra features including; clutch protection, optional free passage, DDA compatible, embossed buttons, and a 12 digit keypad. The 4000 series is supplied with either a 60mm backset tubular latch (4001) or a 60x72mm Euro profile sash lockcase (4000).

Keypad With 22mm Round Handle, Inside Handle, 60mm Backset Latch (BL 4101)

£96.00 + VAT


Borg 5000 Series Digital Codelock

5000 Series Borg Digital Codelock


  • New design, makes recoding simple & error-free
  • Clutched handle
  • Free passage option
  • PVD coated
  • Stainless steel components
  • Anti-panic model 5004
  • Available in 4 finishes
  • Easily reversible
  • 10 Large (10 x 11mm) indented buttons
  • 4 handle designs
  • Tested to 100,000 cycles
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase

BL 5000 Series Product Leaflet

The 5000 series are designed for medium to heavy duty applications. Its full size lever handles with rubber insert for soft grip combined with its large 10 digit keypad enables the 5000 series to control access in a wide variety of applications including DDA. Other key features include, clutched handle which protects against forced entry and lock damage, optional free passage function, an 8mm square drive so it can operate a wide range of panic devices (5008) as well as other leading brands of lock.

There are also back to back versions (5051 & 5053) i.e. 2 keypads where controlling access is required on both sides of the door as well as a knob version specifically designed for outward opening doors and where misuse is expected.

The 2 main models are the 5003 which is supplied with a 60 x 72mm euro profile lock case and a 5001 supplied with 60mm tubular style latch.

Keypad With Knob, Inside Handle, 60mm Backset Lockcase (BL 5103)

From £140.00 + VAT


Borg 700 Series Electronic Codelock

700 Series Borg Electronic Codelock


  • Clutched
  • 60 & 70mm latches supplied 
  • Suitable for 30 - 54mm Doors
  • Free Passage
  • Key Override
  • Lever Handle
  • Simple Code Changing
  • Battery Operated
  • Reversible
  • Unconditional Guarantee Against Faulty Material & Workmanship
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase
  • Sequential Coding

A stand alone battery powered electronic pushbutton code lock. This lock has a cast steel construction and stainless steel key pad for durability and strength and is supplied with 60 & 70mm stainless steel latches with an anti-thrust pin. It can suit door thickness from 30 to 54 mm and can be reversed to suit either left or right hand doors. It has a key override for extra control and for emergency access.

There are 31 different user codes in the standard unit with 1 master code, and there is a free passage feature when security is not required. To avoid disruption and for convenience the code can be changed on the door.

BL 700 Series Product Leaflet

Borg 800 Series Electronic Codelock With Proximity

800 Series Electronic Codelock with Proximity Fobs


  • Free acting handle
  • Stores up to 120 proximity cards including 1 master card
  • Simple card programming process
  • 60 & 70mm latches supplied
  • Free passage
  • Visible & audible operations indicators
  • Emergency key override in handle
  • Reversible handing
  • Suitable for 30-54mm doors
  • Easy battery replacement with 9V terminal under handle
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase
  • 10 proximity cards supplied

The BL800 is a stand alone battery powered proximity card and pushbutton lock. This lock has a cast steel construction for durability and strength and is supplied with a 60 & 70mm stainless steel latches with an anti-thrust pin. It can suit a door of 30-54mm and can be easily reversed to suit either left or right hand doors. It has a key override for extra control and for emergency access.

There can be up to 120 different proximity cards and 1 master card registered with the unit and there is also a free passage feature when security is not required. To avoid disruption, cards can be added or removed without the need of a programming station.

BL 800 Series Product Leaflet


Borg 900 Series Fingerprint Biometric Codelock

900 Series Fingerprint Biometric Codelock


  • Clutched handle
  • 60 & 70mm latches supplied
  • Free Passage
  • Simple Code Changing
  • Reversible
  • Recognise up to 120 Different Fingerprints
  • Simple Fingerprint Enrollment
  • Suit Door Thickness from 30mm to 54mm
  • Stainless Steel latch c/w Anti-Thrust Pin
  • 1 year guarantee from date of purchase
  • Battery Operated
  • Key Override

A stand alone battery powered biometric (fingerprint) and pushbutton lock. With 3 methods of entry; fingerprint & pin, pin & key override. It has a cast steel construction and stainless steel keypad for durability and strength, and is supplied with 60 & 70mm stainless steel latch with anti-thrust pin. It uses an optical sensor with high resolution (500dpi) which guarantees accuracy and therefore speed of access. Fingerprint deletion and enrollment is completed directly on the lock, no software needed.

BL 900 Series Product Leaflet