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Expert Security Services in Milton Keynes

Brinnick Locksmiths and Security is your first choice for the best and most extensive security services in Milton Keynes. As the only member of The Master Locksmiths Association in the area, you’re dealing with a company that puts professionalism above everything else.

As well as our diversity of locksmiths services, we also provide expert security services for our clients as well. These are available for both commercial and domestic customers, and we cover all sorts of things.
Access Control Systems
We supply some of the best access control systems around, and they’re all designed to add an extra level of security to your building. Instead of a traditional lock and key system, you can now choose between card readers, keypad locks, and intercom systems. All of the access systems we supply are developed by Paxton Access – one of the most highly regarded developers around.

The benefit of an access system is that they can be used to secure specific areas of your building. They can be used at entrance doors to stop unwanted visitors, or they can be used internally to restrict computer rooms or rooms with safes in them. As part of our security services in Milton Keynes, we will install any system you want! Give us a call today, and we can provide full details on all of our access control and intercom systems.
CCTV & Intruder Alarm Systems
It’s essential that you have a means in place to deter criminals and unwanted visitors. As such, our security services can provide you with state-of-the-art CCTV and intruder alarm systems. Our CCTV systems are perfect for observing activity around your building, and the presence of the alone can stop people from trying to break in.

We have many years experience installing intruder alarm systems as we know how important it is to keep your property secure. These systems can be used for commercial use, but they’re also perfect for in the home. If you value the safety of your family, then you need to have an update intruder alarm system professionally installed! Let our team take care of things, and you will feel much safer in your home.
Security Grilles and Bars
For commercial clients, we also supply and install different security grilles and bars. The grilles are perfect for retail premises as they’re collapsible and offer an extra layer of security to prevent damage to windows and restrict people from breaking in. Bars are ideal for apartment blocks and hotels, to add both security and safety to the building. They can be installed in front of windows to prevent people from breaking in or trying to break out.
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To put it simply; we offer the most diverse variety of security services in Milton Keynes right now. Our team is experienced and fully-trained to carry out different services for you. From installing access controls and intruder alarms to setting you up with security grilles/bars; we have everything covered.

If you’re interested in our security services – or want to know more about how we can help you – then please get in touch with us today and ask as many questions as you’d like!

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