Is Your Nissan Car Key Getting Stuck in the Ignition?

Replacement Car Key Service in Milton Keynes

Are you having trouble with your Nissan car key that is stuck in the ignition? If so, worry not. At Brinnick Locksmiths, we are on hand to help you resolve the problem and get you driving again with a working ignition lock.

It might surprise you to know that a stuck car key is a common problem with some cars, and it seems to particularly affect some models of Nissan. For example, the Nissan Qashqai, Micra, Note and Navara are particularly often affected by this problem. However, it can affect all makes and models of cars. The good news is that we are ready to help you, whether you are at home or out and about.

The problem is the car key becoming stuck in the lock. The common difficulty is when the driver can insert the key into the ignition and start the engine, but the key becomes difficult to remove. In some cases, it is completely impossible to pull the stuck key from the ignition of your Nissan car. Sometimes the problem develops over time, and you might notice that it is increasingly hard to remove the key, but in other cases, the problem can seem to develop quite suddenly.

If you are stuck somewhere and need a quick fix, try wiggling the key up and down whilst continually pulling gently. This should release the key. However, we recommend that you contact us for a proper repair before a minor issue becomes a significant problem.

What is causing the problem? On the inside of the ignition, there is a steering lock release block and over time this wears down unevenly. This creates sharp edges that cause the lock to grab the key when attempting to remove it.

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To solve the problem, we remove the ignition, strip down the lock, replace the faulty component and then refit the ignition back into the car. That might sound like a complex procedure, but our technicians are experts at carrying out this repair. They will complete the full repair at the roadside, and your existing key(s) will function as normal. Because the lock is repaired but not changed, there is no programming required. Although we do provide a replacement car key service, Milton Keynes drivers can avoid needing this by allowing us to repair the ignition.

At Brinnick Locksmiths, we provide this service for a fraction of the price that it will cost at the main Nissan dealerships.  Call 07935 641664 for an accurate quote, you will be surprised at how affordable and competitive our prices are.

Some companies may offer to repair the problem more cheaply by filing away the worn part of the ignition. We do not recommend that you allow this to happen. This is a poor solution which is likely to lead to new problems and more expensive repairs. The part inside the ignition is there for a reason. Call us to find out more information about why you should avoid this option.

For problems with a key that is stuck in a lock, contact us today. We are ready to provide an effective, professional and affordable solution. Additionally, we provide other car security solutions. For example, if you need your car keys cut, Milton Keynes drivers will not find a better choice for competitive prices and high-quality craftsmanship. Contact us using the details on the website.

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