How to Remove a Key Stuck in a Lock

Broken Key

When you find yourself in a situation where you have your house key stuck in the door lock, it is difficult to know whether you should laugh in frustration, or have a good scream and shout!  Let’s face it, fewer things are more frustrating than having a full or broken key stuck inside a car or house door that just refuses to come out.  Whether you need to gain access to your property, or the door is open but you can’t retrieve your key, it can make your day a lot harder.

Trying to dig it out with a screwdriver or knife can add to your frustration and can damage the lock further.  Although there may be a few things you can try to dislodge the key from the lock, it’s always best to call your local locksmith specialists to help.  Even if you manage to pull it out of the door, it could be evidence of a fault in your lock or a damaged key.  Either way, give us a call to avoid it being a recurring issue.

House Key Stuck In Lock

In the meantime, while determining whether you need an emergency locksmith to call for a new lock replacement or maintenance, you can try some of the following techniques and tips on removing your stuck key.

  • Tap the lock and key.

If the problem is caused by it being lodged between some of the mechanisms in the door, tapping it may make some of the components move, or fall back into position. This will allow you to smoothly remove it.  Likewise, if the key is damaged and not capable of sliding easily between the slot, then tapping it while also gently twisting and pulling it away from the door may eventually allow it to be removed.  Be careful though, as to much pressure may result in you having a broken key stuck in the lock instead.

  • Using a lubricant

Using a graphite powder lubricant can help when the parts have seized due to age, corrosion or possibly temperature.

  • Move the handle up and down.

UPVC locks can sometimes cause you to get your full key stuck in a lock when it has failed in removing all of its bolts from the door frame’s locking system.  Moving the door handle up and down, being careful not to cause further damage to your door, may allow you to eventually retrieve it.  In this circumstance, it is not the key that is at fault, but the door and lock itself.

What else should I do? 

Even if you have gained entry to your home, security is at risk when your house key is stuck in a lock.  Not being able to lock or close a door means you can’t go about your other daily routines leaving your property out of sight.  To avoid the risk of theft, we all rely on our security systems to keep our property safe and inaccessible.  If you have tried to free it from the lock, and it won’t budge, then call our emergency locksmith services.  We will be with you as soon as we can.

No matter if, when you have a car key stuck in a lock, you are at the side of a busy road, in your driveway, or at work, we will aim to be with you as soon as we can.  We have all of the training and certification needed to give you another key for your car and work out if the door locks themselves may need replacing.

For support with removing, fixing or repairing your lock and key, contact Brinnick Locksmiths today.

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