Honda Won’t Start After Attempted Jump Start

Hondas are known for their reliability, so if you own this make of car you can usually trust that it will start when you need it. However, even the most reliable of vehicles can sometimes fail, and there are few feelings as frustrating as turning the key in the ignition and nothing happening. Whilst you may have attempted to solve this with a jump start, sometimes this won’t even start your Honda car.

If you are anything like most of us, you rely on your car for many of your regular activities. You use it for travelling to and from work or taking your family to see friends. Having the use of a car is an essential part of your life. When you have a problem that leaves you unable to use your vehicle when you need it makes it frustrating. In this instance, you need to find a solution to the problem. But what causes this problem, and how can you solve it?

Honda Won’t Start

If your Honda won’t start, the most likely explanation is that you have a flat battery – this means that the charge in the battery has drained down. Typically, this is because the electrical systems in the car, like the lights, were left on when the car was parked, though it could also be caused by starting and stopping the car many times without driving far enough to recharge the battery, or because the battery is old. If this happens to your car, a jump start will usually sort it out. If you have attempted a Honda jump start and it doesn’t solve the problem, it means that there is another problem.

Reasons Your Honda Won’t Start

One possible explanation is simply that there is a loose connection between the battery and the car’s electrical system. You can check that the battery connectors are firmly connected to the battery and that they have not become loose. Remember, always take care when checking your car battery, for example by making sure that the bonnet is securely held up.

If the problem is not a loose connection, then it could be that the battery connectors have become dirty or corroded. This happens over time. The usual cause is that the metal in the terminals, usually copper or aluminium, reacts with the lead in the battery to create a green-blue or white material. This is accelerated by hydrogen gas that is released from the sulphuric acid in the sealed unit. This gas reacts with the atmosphere and produces a corrosive environment. Moisture and salts can also speed up the process. If this has happened, cleaning or replacing the connectors will likely solve the problem. Makes sure that the connections are tight and try starting the car again. You might need to use a jump start again.

Honda Attempted Jump Start

Another possible problem is that you are not doing the jump start properly. If the battery is very low, it might take some time. People often assume that they will be able to start their car immediately after connecting it to the working vehicle. Instead, wait 15 minutes before you attempt to start the engine. This will give the battery time to charge, meaning that it should have enough power to turn the engine. Also, look out for warning lights on the dashboard which could give you a clue about the nature of the problem.

When Nothing Seems to Work…

Whilst the suggestions above might solve your problem and get you on the road, sometimes it seems that nothing will work. This likely means that the starter motor is not operating. One common cause in modern cars is that the car has immobilised itself. This is a security feature that can cause problems in the wrong circumstances. Essentially, if you have installed a new battery or attempted to jump-start your Honda, your car’s electrical systems may not be communicating together correctly, which causes the car’s ignition system to trigger an immobilisation, something that can only be sorted by resetting the key.

Get Professional Help

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