Auto Locksmith Milton Keynes

Need a replacement car key?

When in need of a master locksmith Milton Keynes residents turn to Brinnick Locksmiths of Newport Pagnell.

For many of us, our car is one of our most significant investments, second only to our homes.  Or if you are a tradesperson, your vehicle is likely and important part of your business, and being without it for just a single day can be frustrating and costly.  When you need an auto master locksmith Milton Keynes based Brinnick Locksmiths are just a call away.

Here are just a few of the services we have provided as Milton Keynes auto locksmiths.

Losing any key can be a disappointment, but when your car key goes missing it can leave you stranded. Thanks to our fast response auto locksmiths Milton Keynes motorists can summon help with a single phone call. Our mobile technicians can gain entry to your car if the keys are locked inside, or even cut and program a new key at the roadside if necessary.

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RAC Accredited Repairer

We have recently been approved as an RAC Accredited Repairer  as we assist RAC customers and engineers with roadside assistance for damaged keys, lost keys, ignition barrel issues and vehicle lockouts. Our auto locksmith can carry out repairs at the roadside and we have been fully vetted and inspected by the RAC and other local recovery companies. Vehicles can also be recovered to our Newport Pagnell site to have work carried out at our location or at a customers address.

Broken Keys

Keys breaking in door or ignition barrels happens more than you might think, and ordering replacements through main dealers can be a costly and drawn out process.  Brinnick Auto Locksmiths can remove the broken blade from the lock if the lock is undamaged.  It is often possible to make a new blade for the existing key, which keeps costs down.

Damaged Locks & Roadside Services

If a lock has been damaged by accident or by vandalism, it is usually possible to make repairs at the roadside.  There’s no need to pay to have your car recovered to a garage.  We can also source replacement lock hardware when necessary as part of our auto locksmith service Milton Keynes.

For a replacement car key service Milton Keynes drivers would once have had to take their vehicle to a workshop with the appropriate facilities, or back to the dealership where they bought the car.  But now, thanks to portable machinery which can cut and code transponder car keys Milton Keynes
motorists can be back underway in a matter of hours. 

Prestige and Classic Vehicles

When you need a replacement car key Milton Keynes drivers of luxury and classic vehicles will find we are up to the task.  We have cut replacement keys for everything from Rolls Royce convertibles to VW campers, and from Bentleys to a Sinclair C5.  We also supply keys to the Aston Martin factory which is just down the road.  If you need classic car keys cut Milton Keynes professionals can help.

Additional Motorcycle Security

We stock a wide range of additional security fittings for motor cycles including the excellent Viro security range of D locks, chain, brake disc locks, padlocks and cables.

We have a wide range of floor anchors from Oxford security products and other leading brands.

We can of course cut keys for most makes of motorcycles, mopeds and electric bikes.

Commercial Vehicles

For Van Security Locks Milton Keynes commercial vehicle operators can visit our shop in Newport Pagnell or online.  Besides ordering a replacement car key Northampton motorists can also buy items such as motorcycle brake disc locks and floor anchors, cables and padlocks.

Unusual Requests

Our Auto Locksmith Milton Keynes has also provided keys for a helicopter, a tractor, a canal boat and a vintage railway carriage and our last odd request was for keys for a Sinclair C5.

No request is too strange, contact us and find out how we can help you.