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Guardian S2-65E £4000 cash rated safe with electronic lock (S2-65E)

The Guardian S2 range of safes from Insafe

An excellent range of safe safes for your home or business with the following features:

  • Available with electronic combination lock
  • Fire resistant
  • Overnight cash cover £4,000
  • Jewellery rating £40,000
  • Two fixings in the base and rear of the safe
  • Tested by LPCB - BRE (EN14450)
  • Available in six sizes

This is the detail that will enable your insurer to check on the
insurance rating (testing & certification). It proves it’s the real thing!
Guardian S2 (Eurolite) LPCB REF: 954a/01

A medium sized safe, which is still lightweight and is a best seller for large jewellery boxes and “bulkier” items.

Like all of our S2 safes, this safe is independently tested and certified in the UK by the LPCB.

Also approved by the AiS.


External Size 660(h) x 490(w) x 410(d) (mm)

Internal Size 575(h) x 375(w) x 300(d) (mm)

Volume 65 (litres)

Net Weight 69 (kg)

Shelves 2