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Guardian Britannia P4-15E £5000 cash rating with electronic lock (P4-15E)

The Guardian P4-15E is fitted with an electronic lock, which eliminates the risk of a safe key being copied, lost or stolen. It has been awarded with a gold certification by the independent testing house, SoldSecure. The P4-15E has an overnight cash cover of up to £5,000.

Weight: 85kg

External Dimensions: 380x328x322 (HxWxD)

Internal Dimensions: 280x228x222 (HxWxD)

Safe Cash Rating: £5000

Safe Fire Resistance: 30 minutes

Safe Jewellery Rating: £50,000

Safe Locking: Electronic Keypad

Safe Shelves: 1

Safe Size: Size 0

Volume: 14kg