Paxton Access Control Systems

Paxton Access Cardlock and Proximity Systems
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The Paxton Access range of swipe card and proximity readers are perfect for both internal and external access control solutions at your premises where an easy to use and secure access control system is required. Paxton Access

We supply and install the entire range of Paxton access products from basic one door systems to 20 door Paxton Net2 PC based systems. A wide range of readers are available including Marine grade readers for harsh condition areas, and architectural readers for high specificaton installations.

The "Paxton Compact" range has all of the electronics built into the reader or keypad so this is not perfect for high risk situations where the reader or keypad may be vandalised.

The "Paxton Switch2" range of products are perfect for high risk areas such as main entrance doors where the reader or keypad will be on the outside wall, but the electronics are situated inside the building with the power supply.

The "Paxton Net2" system uses the same range of readers and keypads as the Switch2 system but with the added advantages of a networked system, such as tracking which staff used which doors and at what times.

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Paxton Access Keypads
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The Paxton Access range of digital keypads provides a solution for your security requirements for staff entrance doors, computer server rooms and restricted areas.

The Paxton stainless steel range of keypads is the perfect solution for external applications and high traffic areas.

All of the Paxton access range works with electric releases, maglocks, electric locks, solenoid bolts and shear magnets to provide a complete locking solution.

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Door Intercom Systems
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We supply and install all types of intercoms for both your business and home from well known brand names such as Videx, BPT, and Bell systems. We understand that each system we install needs to be custom built to the individual customers requirements and needs. As well as the electronic intercom installation we also provide the locking systems such as electric releases, Maglocks, Solenoid bolts, or Shear magnets, with locking systems to suit every type of door.

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