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House Key Stuck In Lock

How to Remove a Key Stuck in a Lock

When you find your in a situation where you have a key stuck in a lock, it is difficult to know whether you should laugh in frustration, or have a good scream and shout!  Let’s face it, fewer things are more frustrating than having a full or broken key stuck inside a car or house door that just refuses to come out.  No matter whether you need to gain access to your property, or the door is open but you can’t retrieve your key, it can make your day a whole lot harder.

Trying to dig it out with a screw driver or knife can not only add to your frustration, but it can damage the lock further.  Although there may be a few things you can try in order to dislodge it from the lock, it’s always best to call your local locksmith specialists to help.  Even if you manage to pull it out of the door, it could be evidence of a fault in your lock, or a damaged key.  Either way, to avoid it being a recurring issue, give us a call.

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Avoid Cowboy Locksmiths

How to Avoid Cowboy Locksmiths

You wouldn’t think that attempting to improve your home security could leave you stranded, but there is a new type of rogue tradesperson on the rise. Cowboy locksmiths provide quick fix ‘solutions’, only to keep you locked outside of your home unless you pay an eye-watering amount of money. Here at Brinnick Locksmiths, we provide a quality, reliable service that ensures families and homeowners are safe and secure.

Spotting Cowboy Tradespersons

There are many tell-tale signs you are being tempted by a rogue tradesperson. Once you are aware of these red flags, you will spot and avoid them easily. Today, we are going to look at how you can avoid cowboy traders and find the right team to help you in your time of need.

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Keep My Family Safe

Home security - Keeping Your Home Safe

No matter the ultimate reason a family chooses a particular home or area to live in, the safety of the family will always be a main concern.  Safety can be broken down into two different categories. 

Firstly, a family may consider, ‘what is in my family’s best interests mentally and emotionally?’  Secondly, they may ask ‘how can I keep my family safe and secure in their home environment?’

The safety and security of a property also involves many factors.  Not only do you need to consider the safety in terms of electrical and gas safety checks, structural checks and so forth, you also want to think about the security needs within the neighbourhood, and in light of the security you require for your possessions. 

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